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22 February 2009 @ 02:39 pm

My journal is f-locked without exceptions, not because I'm a particularly private person, but because I like for things to remain consistent. Like to an obsessive-compulsive degree. Srsly.

I'm kind of a shy person but I love people and I love to observe them. If you friend me, I'll most likely read every word of every entry you post but will only comment every so often.

I'm kind of a geek but my involvement in fandom definitely fluctuates. If there is stuff happening IRL, I will talk about it. If there's nothing going on IRL, I'll talk about whatever fandom I'm into at the moment. And when fandom collides with RL, I'll most def. talk about that too.

I kind of have this creepy gay fetish. I LOVE the gay. Like, seriously, they should make a word for it. Like I'm homosexual-sexual or something. It's gotten to the point that not even straight stuff is all that hot to me anymore. Well, I shouldn't say that... I find quirky straight stuff really cute. But nothing can beat two guys making out, sry but it is trufax. Most of the fandoms I'm in right now were sparked because there was some gay in it. And when the gay goes away, I tend to lose interest.

I speak in capslock a lot, because I feel you just don't understand the intensity of my words unless THEY ARE FUCKING HUGE.

I have a degree in Psychology that I don't use except for to self-diagnose. I'm suspicious I have some OCD-ADD-anxiety disorder combination. But I'm not neurotic. At least not all the time.

I've been in love with my BFF at work for months and tend to create drama for myself because I can't express anything... like... ever. To him or to anyone else. Because I have a phobia of being annoying. I don't wanna be that annoying fat girl.

I have random bouts of genius and humor, but mostly I just float through life trying to find something entertaining. Which really isn't hard because small, subtle things amuse me to no end.

So if you've made it through reading this whole tldr post, YOU NEED TO FUCKING FRIEND ME! Comment here and I will most likely friend you back. I love having friends. Yay friends!!
miztresslynzmiztresslynz on July 11th, 2009 08:11 am (UTC)
Long time observer on R_D, seldom a commenter(these days)
Saw your post on R_D, got curious...clicked on your user name and stumbled across the most awesome public post ever. Really...just...awesome. XD

I would say friend me back, but I haven't really been using my LJ a lot lately. Do you have Twitter? If you do you could you follow me over there @mizplunderbunny?


Also, this kind of goes without saying considering that I found you on R_D, but obv. I like Reezy.
Emily Simpsonemily_simpson on July 21st, 2009 04:45 am (UTC)
'Ello There
LOL. I also suspect I have some form of OCD. I stumbled accross this account because we've both taken an interest in Stephen Colbert (but honestly, who the hell hasn't?) and decided I had to comment because that post was awesome.

This is, what, my fourth blog? I post all the time on my old blogs, then the site hosting it pisses me off, so I move on to a different site. LJ is my current (and hopefully permanent) blog. Friend me if you'd like. This would definately sound like an interesting blog to read! :D